Football clubs in Kerkrade

There are 1 football team in Kerkrade and near we know about by now. In the Eredivisie playing: Roda JC Kerkrade. Below you can find the full schedule of football games in Kerkrade.

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Last 10 games in Kerkrade

Date (GMT+0)Team 1ScoreTeam 2League
17 May 18:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade0 - 5NAC BredaEredivisie, 1 tour
19 Apr 18:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade1 - 1De GraafschapEerste Divisie, 35 tour
7 Apr 14:45, SunRoda JC Kerkrade2 - 1VVV-VenloEerste Divisie, 33 tour
23 Mar 19:00, SatRoda JC Kerkrade3 - 1NAC BredaEerste Divisie, 31 tour
8 Mar 19:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade2 - 2ADO Den HaagEerste Divisie, 29 tour
16 Feb 19:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade3 - 2EmmenEerste Divisie, 26 tour
9 Feb 19:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade4 - 1DordrechtEerste Divisie, 25 tour
26 Jan 19:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade0 - 0Jong FC UtrechtEerste Divisie, 23 tour
22 Jan 19:00, MonRoda JC Kerkrade3 - 0EindhovenEerste Divisie, 21 tour
12 Jan 19:00, FriRoda JC Kerkrade0 - 0EindhovenEerste Divisie, 21 tour

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