Football clubs in New York City

There are 1 football team in New York City and near we know about by now. In the Major League Soccer playing: New York City. Below you can find the full schedule of football games in New York City.

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Football matches in New York City

June, July, August, September, October
Date (GMT+0)Team 1Team 2LeagueTickets
14 Jun 23:30, FriNew York CityColumbus CrewMajor League Soccer, -BUY
28 Jun 23:30, FriNew York CityOrlando CityMajor League Soccer, -BUY

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Last 10 games in New York City

Date (GMT+0)Team 1ScoreTeam 2League
31 May 23:30, FriNew York City5 - 1San Jose EarthquakesMajor League Soccer, -
18 May 23:30, SatNew York City2 - 1NY Red BullsMajor League Soccer, -
5 May 20:00, SunNew York City0 - 2Colorado RapidsMajor League Soccer, -
27 Apr 23:30, SatNew York City2 - 1CharlotteMajor League Soccer, -
20 Apr 23:30, SatNew York City2 - 0DC UnitedMajor League Soccer, -
13 Apr 23:30, SatNew York City2 - 0New England RevolutionMajor League Soccer, -
6 Apr 23:30, SatNew York City1 - 1Atlanta UnitedMajor League Soccer, -
16 Mar 23:30, SatNew York City2 - 1TorontoMajor League Soccer, -
9 Mar 19:00, SatNew York City1 - 2Portland TimbersMajor League Soccer, -
21 Oct 23 22:00, SatNew York City1 - 0Chicago FireMajor League Soccer, -

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