Football clubs in Zürich

There are 2 football teams in Zürich and near we know about by now. In the Swiss Super League playing: Grasshopper Club Zurich, Zurich. Below you can find the full schedule of football games in Zürich.

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Last 10 games in Zürich

Date (GMT+0)Team 1ScoreTeam 2League
20 May 16:00, MonZurich2 - 1LuganoSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 37 tour
18 May 16:00, SatGrasshopper Club Zurich0 - 1BaselSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 37 tour
15 May 18:30, WedZurich2 - 1Servette GenevaSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 36 tour
14 May 18:30, TueGrasshopper Club Zurich2 - 0Yverdon-SportSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 36 tour
5 May 14:30, SunZurich0 - 2Young BoysSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 34 tour
4 May 16:00, SatGrasshopper Club Zurich3 - 2Stade Lausanne OuchySuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 34 tour
21 Apr 14:30, SunZurich0 - 1St. Gallen 1879Super/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 33 tour
13 Apr 16:00, SatGrasshopper Club Zurich0 - 1LuganoSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 32 tour
3 Apr 18:30, WedZurich0 - 0WinterthurSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 30 tour
1 Apr 14:30, MonGrasshopper Club Zurich0 - 1Lausanne-SportSuper/Challenge League opprykk sluttspill, 29 tour

Data sources

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